It’s a crazy thing, time.

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since the proverbial bomb went off in my life. In a manner of seconds, my entire world changed and I became “purposefully broken”; openly sharing my story with thousands of followers trying to navigate the very rough waters that is infidelity and divorce.

And then I stopped writing.

For the past couple years, I’ve been learning, growing and making enough mistakes to fill a small encyclopedia. Oh, and there was also this small global pandemic thing I was trying to navigate as a single parent of kindergartner. Which, let me tell you. There were days, I would take two rounds of another divorce over the absolute hell that was homeschooling a 5 year-old. And I only have one! A spa day in heaven is definitely waiting for those moms who were working AND dealing with multiples. No, thank you. God DEFINITELY knew what he was doing by only blessing me with one child. Otherwise, I’d be having all my mail forwarded to a small padded room room where a nurse named Brenda would give me the good meds.

And while I missed writing, I had to work to do. The kind that paid the bills, and the kind that made me grow. Trying to navigate dating, work, friendships and myself, took a tole. And at times, it wasn’t pretty. But during those years, I’ve read your comments. Your encouragement. And your stories. And, I have more to say.

About how I grew. How I headed.

And how I found freedom in finding myself.