Painted Face

Yesterday, I was sitting in my counselor’s office and I was crying. For forty-five minutes, I let the mask slip and I was left exposed. As I left his office, I was careful to erase the evidence. To repair the damage caused by my pain. If I look put together, I can avoid the questions.

So I remove the black smudges around my eyes, apply color to my swollen lips, and cover the tear streaks with foundation.

The worse I feel, the heavier it gets.

Thicken the eyeliner, double coat the mascara, darken the lips.

Don’t show the world how bad you hurt.

Wear the mask and protect yourself.

Guard against the questions.

Wear the mask.

Curl your hair, wear lipstick, and hide your tears.

Apply the mask, until you don’t need it.

Sometimes, there are no pretty verses, only pretty makeup.

-“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.”- Coco Chanel